I pulled apart some of the graphics from my large scale piece and put this triptych together. If you follow it from left to right, it will read as a lifecycle. Birth to death. But you can read whatever you want in it. I wasn't really planning on working with themes of being born, everyday living and an eventual death. All the right pieces just fell into place. I'm also not ruling out that I subconsciously had this planned all along. My brain is funny like that sometimes. 

EXAMPLES: The figure on the far left is one person made up of male and female. Two in one. The heart signifies love (or any emotion where two people are drawn to one another). The liquid represents being spilled out into the world. The platforms and triangles personify obstacles and milestones. The giant eye conveys an ever watching eye. Call it the goddesses or whatever you see in it. Still trying to better define death. Right now, I'm using clouds to signify some sort of universal heaven icon. Lips equal desire and diamonds equal materialism. They follow from beginning to end. 

"Whoa, whoa, whoa.... Man, you're getting a little deep on me. I just want to look at the pretty pictures."

Hey, it's all good. There's plenty here to look at and get lost in. All you gotta do is expand your consciousness and look beyond the composition. Or turn off your mind. That always sort of works better for me.

Besides, I haven't even gotten started so shut up.