So remember a few blog posts back when I was talking about that inverted black and white triptych series? Well here it is in... “...glorious two color 6 x 9 print versions. Pretty rad, huh?"

See... a few weeks ago I found myself in an artists scrapyard place looking around for frames or paper stock or whatever. I happened across a stack of elegantly cut 6 x 9 boards of card stock. There were maybe thirty or so in the set. …at least that was what I was able to gather from the various debris. I got the whole lot for two bucks. Not too shabby.

I didn’t really know what to do with them. At first, I thought that I might include them in the flux kit that I’m building. However, since I was working on a number of triptych pieces at the time, I leaned more towards making a few small test prints from that. So blammo! They turned into these little two color prints. But you may be asking yourself. “Adam, why would you go through all the trouble in doing these things. Don’t you have, like, money you should be out making or something?"

Check this out. I’m participating in this art show in early December where these will be on display. But bigger, inverted and housed some really fancy frames. I figure it would be good to have a few smaller prints to have on hand as well. Portable ones for on-the-go.

As the pictures clearly indicate, there is a story being told here. For the starters, the subject matter of the piece is an homage to Belle De Jour. You know… that 60’s french film that I totally dig. But that’s not what THIS story is about. It’s about how I went to the Cultural Center for Latino Arts and used their print studio. I made the transparency, burned the screen, bought the ink and spent an afternoon making these cards. Then I took the cards out on a night on a town. We had a great time.

"Pretty riveting stuff, huh? Aren’t you just so completely on the edge of your seat?”

But that’s what I am talking about. They’re portable. Take the art with you and pull it out anytime. Restaurants, dental offices, churches, a trip to vegas, stuck in traffic, holiday in the bahamas? Anywhere. Anytime. Art is everywhere. All your mind has to do is meld it in weird mysterious witchy ways. The weirder and witchier the better, I say. 


Because if you were trying to lug around a giant 24 x 36 framed work of art everywhere, you’d get pretty sick of that. These art cards fit in most purses, hand bags, and coat pockets. No sports bags please. No meatheads.

“...forest chilling with some cool prints on a smooth Sunday. Breasy and easy. 98.4 FM. The Chill."