I began work on another one of these large scale print things. I'm finding it a bit troublesome on how to put something like this into production. Last night, I took my Belle De Jour Triptych and made the transparency for the 24 x 36 print compositions. It took 8 legal sheets to composite just 1/3 of the triptych. So.... let's see... that's like 24 sheets in total. Then I had to cut and tape them all together all the while filling in as much of the gaps that I could with a black magic marker. Don't worry. I'll go into much more detail in a later blog. 

I'm taking a different approach with this one. Instead of relying heavily on logo and type design, I've decided to construct the basic skeletal frame by using simple shapes. Circles and squares if you will... This will act as a foundation for all the wordplay that I'll eventually throw all over this. I'm hoping that it will create an interesting dichotomy in which these basic shapes will dictate how the type design will play out. Before, the type was the foundation with the structure built on top. We'll just have to see where this goes. As you can see, it's pretty barren right now.

"Oh, and dig this!"

So I've been watching that new Fargo show lately. It's good. You should check it out. It's set in 1979 and it takes place in the midwest. So you know... late 70's/early 80's midwest is totally my aesthetic thing. My nostalgic thing that I am ever so fascinated with. But besides all that, there is this orange and blue color theme running throughout that I've been incredibly influenced by. It's like these saturated cool blues and searing hot oranges just bleeding into one another. Match that with some gnarly wood paneling and some blurry 1980 film grain and... oh baby! My brain is over stimulated. You'll just have to check it out to know what I'm talking about. I'm rambling over here. 

But seriously, those colors..... wowie zowie!!