At the end of 2015, I had this idea of producing a collage every single day and using Instagram as a platform to catalogue and post my work. I was initially apprehensive to take on such a big responsibility but I dove in head first regardless. 

I'm kind of insane like that sometimes. I can't tell if it's out of fearlessness or sheer stupidity. My therapist is still trying to figure that out as well. 

At first, it was smooth sailing. I churned out a few months worth of work ahead of time and scheduled it accordingly. However, about halfway through the year, I found myself scrambling to make these looming daily deadlines. I managed it fairly well. There have only been a few times where postings were slipped in at the very last second. 

"11:59:59... Eh, it counts."

I can honestly say that I truly know what it's like to suffer for one's art. I found myself burnt out and exhausted at times. I felt like I had no more creative energy to give. But I pushed through. In a way it made me a better artist, designer and human overall. 

Accomplishing goals feels great!

Holistically speaking, I did enjoy the 'push-and-pull' aspect that came with producing so much deadline driven work. You can't love everything you do. If you're passionate about something, you need to let the negatives drive you forward as much as the positives. It's all about balancing it and controlling it. Let the art brutalize you. Let it drive you crazy. Let it become an extension of all your emotions. The good ones and the bad ones. You'll discover new things.

Here is a compilation of all my favorite collages that I built over the year. Watch the video. It's hypnotizing in a weird little surreal way. 

Dig through my Instagram too. I've decided to keep it open for 2017. I'll continue to churn out work for it, but I'll only be keeping it down to a few posts per week.