I’ll be the first to admit that Prince just doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve tried. Oh lord, have I tried. ‘Controversy' is the only record that I’ve given multiple listens to. I really want to like what he does, but it just doesn’t resonate. 

But what I can can do is appreciate his artistic genius. I can’t deny that he has single handedly created a style and sound that has permeated through our current pop landscape. It’s almost as relevant today as it was in 1982. I can really get behind that. I also love the fact that he sort of divided up his talent and formed these little side bands fueled by his vision. One of those bands, Vanity 6, has always held a special place in my heart.

Vanity 6 isn’t just one of my favorite musical artifacts, but simply one of my favorite things. The whole concept of three badass women flaunting this seedy sex funk revue is pretty fascinating. And all of it takes place in this cocaine riddled free wheeling early 80’s environment. I love that shit. It’s superficial for sure, but there is something kind of honest about it too. I don’t know. It’s hard to describe. 

Anyway, here is a vanity 6 inspired triptych I’ve been working on. 

Also, here is my favorite Vanity 6 footage. I wish there was more of this stuff available out there. I love the intro when each of them appear when the lights flash on. They do a weird rendition of 'Makeup'. Check out the original version. So good! Pretty amazing stuff.